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How Tend works

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Linwood Medical Centre is now

Let's get started

You will need a smartphone, NZ phone number and your own email address to access the app. It is free to download.  

Download the Tend app
Confirm your details in the app

Because you've been a patient at Linwood Medical Centre, we have your health details stored in our system. Follow the screen prompts and answer the questions in the app to verify your identity. This helps us correctly match you with your medical records. 

You're all set to go!

From the app you can now book a clinic or online appointment, get your medical notes, order repeat prescriptions, see test results and securely message your care team. Note it may take a couple of days for all your data to migrate across. 

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Can I access my Linwood test results in the app?

Yes! When we migrated your records across to Tend, any past test results that were on file were filed in the Tend app under Account > Profile > Health Records > Test Results. Any lab, radiology or future test results will also be included here.  

Note it may take a few days for your results to migrate across.

Can I still order my repeat scripts?

If you're on any long term medications, you'll see they're conveniently preloaded in the app under 'medications'. Depending on your circumstances and the medication, we may request that you see a doctor in person before receiving a new prescription. Click here to learn how to order a repeat. 

If you're due for a repeat/refill, we'll send you a reminder when you're running low and you can reorder in the app. You can track the progress of your order and be notified when it's ready to be picked up from the pharmacy.

Note, it may take a few days for your medication data to fully migrate across to the app.

How secure is my patient information?

Tend operates in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. We can absolutely assure you that at Tend, none of your medical information is ever shared with any third parties. 

This information is kept on a secure Patient Management System (PMS) and is only accessible by clinical teams or clinical administration teams of the company.

How secure is the app payment gateway?

At Tend we use bank-grade security and all your payment details are encrypted. 

Can I get some help with the app?

Of course! Look out for our support team in the clinic or ask at the front desk, they will be more than happy to assist you and show you how it works. 

Has anything else changed?

Apart from the app, not a lot has changed. You will continue to see many familiar faces from Linwood Medical Centre.

If you are viewing this on a desktop, you will need to enter your mobile number in the field above and you will be sent a secure text/SMS link to download the app.

Get the app so you're all ready for your next appointment!

Your home for health

Kia ora! We are the new owners of Linwood Medical Centre and we're incredibly excited to be introducing you to Tend.

You'll still get to see many of your favourite doctors and nurses from Linwood Medical Centre, now with the added support of the Tend whānau and the Tend app. 

At Tend we use a mobile app to help our customers stay connected to their healthcare. We recommend you download the Tend app today so you're all set for your next appointment. 

From the app you can: 

  • Book in-clinic and online appointments
  • See a doctor online, 7 days a week until 9pm
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Get access to your test results
  • Manage your medications
  • Securely message your care team

From the app you can:

Book in-clinic and online appointments
See a doctor online
Order repeat prescriptions
Get access to your test results
Manage your medications
Securely message your care team

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to upload my credit card details?

It's not compulsory for Tend Linwood patients, but we recommend it as it does make life just that little bit easier. If you'd rather not upload your payment details, that's completely okay. You can continue to book without a credit card so long as you keep your account up to date via bank transfer or pay in-clinic. 

Do I need to provide any ID?

No. You don't need to upload your ID in the app; we already have that information securely on file. It's just a quick matching of medical records.

Can we use the app if we share an email address?

Individuals 18 and over need their own email address. It must be unique to you and not one you share with someone else. Your unique email address attached to your Tend account helps us securely engage and share any personal health information with you. Setting up a new email takes just a few minutes. For children under 18, a parent or guardian can include them as dependents under their Tend account.

I manage the healthcare of an adult, can I manage their care from my app?

We are currently exploring the feature of securely adding adult dependents on an account with privacy terms and a consent process. This would be for situations when an adult requires a caregiver's support for managing their healthcare, or someone has power of attorney to make decisions on the adult’s behalf.

Can I still book an appointment via phone?

Absolutely you can still call us. Phone 03 389 2550 to talk to one of our friendly team. During peak times you may need to stay on hold. It is quicker to book via the app and you will be able to see what appointment slots are available.

Do I need to use the app?

The app is not compulsory, but it is a very powerful tool for clinicians and patients alike. Around 80% of Tend patients choose to use the Tend app.

Can I still access the Better Health Outcomes portal?

No, you will no longer be able to access this. The Tend app replaces this patient portal. All your records from this patient portal will be transferred to the app. 

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How Tend works

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Get the appGet the app

Get the app so you're all ready for your next appointment.

Learn more about TendGet the app

We're welcoming new patients to join Tend Linwood! Simply download the app to get started.

How to enrol: 

1. Scan the QR code to download the Tend app

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New patients

New patients

How to enrol with Tend 

We're welcoming new patients to join Tend Linwood! Simply download the app to get started.

How to enrol: 

1. Click the button below to download the Tend app

2. Sign up

3. Click 'Enrol with Tend' on the homepage

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