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Welcome to Tend! We are delighted to be looking after your primary healthcare. You can now see a doctor at one of the Tend clinics or have an online consultation via the Tend app. To get started, download the Tend app to your phone and confirm your details.

A full-service primary healthcare provider

Tend provides complete GP services in clinic or online. Visit one of our clinics in Kingsland or Symonds Street, or talk to your doctor online via the Tend app.  

Use our app to manage your health

Download our secure app to book a clinic or online appointment, get your medical notes, request repeat prescriptions and securely message your care team.

To access the medical team and make an appointment you will need to download the Tend app. 

1. Download the 
Tend app

While we have all your health details safely stored in our system we do need you to answer a few questions in the app to verify your identity so we can correctly match your existing medical records.

2. Confirm your 
details in the app

From the app you can book a clinic or online appointment, get your medical notes, request free repeat prescriptions* and securely message your care team.

3. You're 
all set to go

Let's get started

* Repeat prescriptions may require an appointment with a Tend doctor before dispensing.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have the same doctor?

Yes, some of the Holistic Medical Centre doctors have joined Tend. Once you've downloaded the Tend app, you'll be able to book an appointment to see Dr Helena Simpson-Caballero and Dr Revati Chopara. 

What are the opening hours?

Online appointments
7am - 9pm, weekdays
8.30am - 4:30pm, weekends

In-clinic appointments
Tend Kingsland: 7am - 5pm, weekdays
Tend Symonds Street: 8am - 5pm, weekdays

Where are the Tend medical centres? 

We currently have two clinics:

Tend Kingsland:  317/A New North Road 
Tend Symonds Street:   57 Symonds Street. 

There is parking marked 'Tend Patient Parking'. 

Dr Helena Simpson-Caballero and Dr Revati Chopara are based at the Kingsland clinic. 

Do I need to download the Tend app?

Yes, to access your medical care going forward you will need to download the Tend app. But if you are having trouble, our care team can help you with this when you come in. 

Will the pricing change?

Here is Tend's full list of fees. Our fees are slightly less and we do not charge extra for late night or weekend appointments. 

Download the app so you're all ready for your next medical appointment 

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our
Customer Experience Team via email at

Tend Health

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You can choose from a range of doctors in a way that works for you. Dr Arusha, Dr Helena and Dr Revati are now part of Tend. Welcome to the Tend whanau. 

This is healthcare 
your way 

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* Auckland residents only

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Can I still book an appointment by phone?

The Holistic Medical Centre is closed and the phones are no longer operating. The best way to book an appointment is to download the app. If you are having trouble with the app you can call 0800 HEY TEND (439 8363).

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Can I still use the Indici app/portal?  

You will be able to temporarily access your records, but you do not need this app anymore, the Tend app will replace this. 

What has happened to my patient records? 

Tend uses the same platform (Indici) as the Holistic Medical Centre. Your patient records are being transferred safely across to Tend so the care team has full visibility of your health history and can continue your care. 

Does Tend have integrative practitioners?

Tend provides GP and primary care services, but while enrolled with Tend you can continue to seek other medical professionals for specialist or alternative healthcare.

Does Tend sell supplements and do IV Vitamin C?

We recommend you source supplements from a reputable and qualified naturopath. Patients wanting to continue access to IV Vitamin C can contact the Centre for Advanced Medicine on 09 524 2529. 

Who gave Tend permission to have my records transferred to them?

The PHO/DHB contract that Holistic Medical Centre was operating under allows the transfer of patients to another clinic operating under the same contract when clinics close or sell. Tend operates under the same PHO/DHB contracts.

Are my records safe?

Absolutely, patient confidentiality and security of your health records is paramount. Records transfer is a confidential secure electronic process overseen by the Ministry of Health.